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Being Coached

Once upon a time, I dreamed of becoming a coach. In 2018, the opportunity and time came to either commit to a coaching program and head down the entrepreneurial coaching path or figure out something else. Excited to explore coaching possibilities, I signed up for an online, $199, special one-time offer, lifetime access, become the best-coach-ever deal, and I was off.

Within the first module it became very clear to me that there was one big problem. 

I had no idea what it meant to be coached, therefore, what a coach really is? Like many things in life, I decided I must experience the other side before committing to a career and the time it takes to become a good coach.

The first thing I did (and many times still do) is start with my network. Who do I know who is a coach? Who do I know that knows a coach? 

What ended up shaking out of my network was a connection who was linked through multiple people, including my husband. The coaches I had in mind are two ladies who run a coaching of the coaches type organization, and my husband had done work on their house in the past and loved him – I was in, haha! These ladies are world renowned, paid A LOT of money, all because they are amazing at what they do. Even though I had ways of introduction, I “cold-called” it and sent a message via their website, letting them know who I was, and that I was thinking about going down the coaching path, and would love to talk to them further. 

One of the coaches reached out, and we had a great conversation. She explained more of the process of becoming a coach, the different certifying bodies, and different programs, paths and philosophies. 

My biggest takeaway… a good coaching program will run you $10K + and many, many hours of training, practice sessions, and more to becoming certified. Then you have to build your business. She also said her coaching students are always seeking people to practice on and she passed my name along to two of her students with whom she thought I might fit well.

You guys...

I got free coaching for 6 months straight. FREE. World class! Amazing coaching. And I learned what it is to be coached. Even more importantly, I learned so much about myself.

Before I continue, I want to address something you may be asking like “what kind of coach?” “Life coach, business coach, executive coach?” The answer the coaching guru gave me? 

A good coach can coach anyone. It’s not about the situation and person per se, it’s about the method of coaching. Fully listening. Not taking notes. Asking the right questions. Drilling down to the essence of what the individual is saying, not saying or trying to say. At the end of a good coaching session, the individual should feel like they have a solid plan, an answer, and the best part? It was in the individual all along. The coach just helps pull it out. They give no advice. They are Switzerland. They just ask the questions and listen - and magic happens.

So, here I was, with a platter of free coaching at my beck and call. Now my next conundrum was what should you get coached on? What did I want? My strategy was to take a little bit of time before my coaching sessions and see what was bothering me, on my mind, holding me back, something I was struggling with, and that’s what I would take to my coaching session.

Being a good student of self, I took notes during my coaching sessions. The coach takes no notes, but the individual can do whatever they need to absorb and retain the session, and really get the most out of it. Here’s an example of my notes on my 4/23/18 coaching session:


  • This week I need to set a work/life balance, or just an evaluation of time exercise - what I want to spend my time, things I need to spend my time, and start to schedule and adjust my life. 

  • (Current day injection – almost 1 year later I came up with the Time Bank!! Check out my other blogs on the Time Bank)

  • Birthing Center progress:

- Call the accrediting agency - understand cost barriers to start; do they think someone with a business development background is appropriate or can be successful running /operating/starting a birthing center? Average size of birth centers? Grant money available - serving underprivileged women?

Clearly, I was struggling with time and work/life balance. I was also doing my best to get a new business off the ground.  Hopefully this gives you an idea. By the end of this coaching session I had identified clear action steps to get to my outcome, or I answered the question I struggled to answer just by answering focused questions from my coach. Where I am at today because of coaching… 

  • I know what my priorities in life are, be it work, family, self

  • I know what is important for my own self-care / life maintenance

  • Coaching came during a time of unemployment and by the end of regular coaching sessions, I launched a successful business

  • It helped me feel heard and validated

  • I had someone who helped keep me accountable

I would love to hear from you! Have you ever been coached? What would you like to be coached on? Where are you getting stuck in life? How do you think coaching could benefit your business?

If you have any questions about coaching, feel free to schedule a 30-minute consultation!

Thanks for reading!

❤️ Lara

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