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Life Maintenance

I love these two words - Life Maintenance. A few months ago, I was sitting in the chair at the dentist, talking– well, as much as one can talk while getting their teeth cleaned– with my hygienist, and we were discussing the things we need in order to survive, be happy and healthy in this life. At one point, I mentioned that a monthly massage, weekly yoga, regular walks and lots of bike riding seem to do it for me, and my beautiful hygienist goes, “Girl, that’s just life maintenance.” 

YES! How does one combat the stresses of everyday life or the stressors of a lifetime while remaining a sane, balanced partner, parent, and a member of society? 

The term self-care gets tossed around a lot these days, but life maintenance is the one that really gets my juices flowing.  Life maintenance for me has become all about stress reduction and addressing the physical, mental, and emotional areas of my life.  Most of my life maintenance activities cover all three areas. 

The physical area of life maintenance is pretty obvious: bodywork and exercise.  Massage, yoga, walking, biking- all of these activities lead to great mental release. By getting my body massaged and manipulated and working my body physically to relieve stress, I remain fit and my body is in tip-top shape to combat any sudden stressors that may head my way. 

If I’m experiencing physical on top of mental release, I am most definitely experiencing emotional release. Working the body physically and relaxing the mind, all makes way for emotional tranquility.  

The more we juggle in our lives, the more life maintenance is key. It’s crucial that we all identify what life maintenance means for us, as it will be a least slightly different for everyone.

I encourage you to take 30 minutes today and brainstorm what life maintenance activities you are already doing and shift into thinking about what you could be doing to help you maintain peace, health and alleviate stress in your life. 

Help inspire us all by leaving your comments below and sharing what life maintenance activities are a part of your life.

Sound like you could use a little help building your life maintenance plan? Hit me up for a 30-minute consultation.

Thanks for reading! 


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