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Case Study with our client Taylor Gallegos

Recently I got to sit down with our client Taylor Gallegos of Taylor G Murals, Live Wedding Art and Taylor Gallegos Fine Arts, to interview him on the impact of working with us as his OBM and what affect this has had on him and his businesses.

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When Taylor reached out to us in 2019, he had been in business for many years, was slowly growing, but knew there was more. He knew he needed help getting to that next level.

In the testimonial interview, we started with wanting to know, what was life like before Taylor engaged us as his OBM?


Success in bursts - nothing consistent

Working hard, but not getting very far

“I was spinning my wheels and kind of turning in circles and not really sure what to do, where to put my focus. Feeling like I was moving forward two steps and coming back two steps.”

The very first thing we did was get Taylor really clear on his goals. If you’re building a company and you don’t have clearly defined goals - you’re basically aiming into the abyss, out into nothing. Without targets of where you want to go, how will you know when you've arrived or how to even get there?

We also spent time digging deep on what success meant to him. How far does he want to go?

The next big thing we focused on was the marketing strategy and making sure it was in alignment and supported the set goals and targets. Taylor discovered rather quickly his marketing efforts were not in line with his goals. So then we had to dig in and figure out what we can change in the marketing strategy to reflect his goals.

Just by getting really clear on these basic things, propelled Taylor’s business forward by leaps and bounds. He began to attract larger ticket clients, and the clients kept coming.

We built a plan. We figured out what actions needed to happen in order to meet goals. We started to implement systems.

When I asked Taylor, what is his business like now after working together for 8 months?

Consistent growth. Month over month.

Ability to drive toward a plan.

Thinking about business systems, operations, marketing, client relations, different things that he didn’t really know about nor know how to handle before working with an OBM.

Things are flowing. Systems are in place.

I then asked Taylor, when he engaged us, why was that the time to engage an OBM?

He understood he knew his expertise. He’s an artist. He knows how to paint and how to do it really well. He understood that business was not his expertise, and he didn’t want to take the time nor the energy into learning about business from all the different angles.

“Working with you has given me a direct line into what I should be doing, it’s another perspective. It’s clarified a lot for me.”

A lot of business owners sometimes struggle with making the investment of an OBM and growing team. So I asked Taylor, did he have any fears making the financial commitments to build out his team?

For him, it was about balancing the desire to take his business to the next level along with the fears. Although the financial commitment did cause stress, the added responsibility was a driver to keep moving his business forward.

As an OBM, I live and breathe systems, so I wanted to know from Taylor, what was the most important system he’s implemented since we started working together?

His answer?? Our monthly call! It gives him accountability. We look at the big picture. We set goals and targets and talk about them again during our next monthly check in call. It influences all the smaller decisions so he’s constantly making sure what he’s working on is in alignment with where he’s identified he wants to go.

“It gives a backbone to everything else that I do.”

When Taylor and I first started working together he was a one-man show that utilized a team of advisors and mentors. Now, in addition to his ever-expanding team of mentors, he has hired his first employee, an Artist’s Assistant, he’s engaged me as his OBM, and we just hired his first Virtual Assistant. All with plans to continue to grow the team.

We wanted to know what Taylor’s advice would be to someone who’s thinking about hiring an OBM?

If you’re a business owner who is serious about succeeding in their business, but are not succeeding, then you need to take a closer look. Engaging an OBM is a way to take that closer look and benefit from expertise that you don’t have. Most business owners are an expert in their field and not necessarily an expert in business. Along with the expertise, having someone who holds you accountable will benefit any business.

“Continue to go at it on your own and potentially waste a lot of time.”

I am absolutely thrilled with Taylor’s growth! He went from an average of $15K per project to commanding four times that eight months later. Just last month he put in his first 6-figure bid!

If you think your business is ready to take the next step and engage with us, please schedule your call today and let’s chat!

<3 Lara

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